Mindfulness for Emotional Eating

Instructor:  Emma Murphy
Course Dates: Open-ended
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Who can Enroll: Anyone
Course Language: English

About the Course

Mindfulness for Emotional Eating

Online Course Structure

Session 1 – Neuroscience.  “How Your Brain Works, and Works AGAINST You”

Our brains are highly developed and very complex, and this means we are all struggling with a racing or busy mind most, if not all of the time.  With Emotional and Binge Eating, it is usually even worse, because there's a constant loop of negative criticism going on in there, which is really not helpful.

This session explains to you in easy to understand ways how your brain hijacks you, and keeps you stuck in unhelpful cycles of behaviour, especially emotional and binge eating, even when you want to stop with all your heart.

Session 2 – Mindful Emotional Eating.   “Will This Nourish, or Punish Me?”

We all eat for emotional reasons, it’s a very normal human response to distress.  However, as you learned in session 1, your brain can get stuck in an ‘autopilot’ response to emotional events, where food is the only answer.  This session will give you a comprehensive introduction to mindful emotional eating, AND lots of Habit Interruption Strategies, so your brain can no longer hijack you!

Session 3 – Thinking Traps.   “Is This Thought True?”

I love this session. We go back to the brain again, but with the benefit of what you have already learned and started putting in place.  This is the session where you get to break up with your Inner Mean Girl. That Inner Critic is NOT your friend.  Let’s face it, has beating yourself up constantly worked in the past?  So this session helps you learn how to ‘observe’ your thoughts, without getting emotionally triggered by them.

Session 4 – Your New Roadmap.     “What Works, and What does NOT work for me?”

The fourth and final session brings it all together.  From a foundation of loving kindness and self-compassion, which are covered in earlier sessions, you will learn how to audit your life in three areas, determine what is working and what is NOT working, and from there develop your own roadmap for moving on. 

Please remember I am available at any time to answer your questions or receive your feedback, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me via either the Facebook group (where your questions or feedback can also help others), or via email.

Congratulations on taking this first, brave step towards freedom from emotional and binge eating. I am with you all the way.


Emma Murphy 


Emma Murphy
Emma Murphy